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Trust our 40-plus years in the roofing business to replace your roof for quality, weather protection, and aesthetic beauty.

Roof Replacements: Remodels, Re-Roofs, New Roof Installations

Why A Roof Inspection?

  • Do you notice roof leaks in your house now?
  • Is your roof old?
  • Are sections of your roof falling apart?
  • Do you know exactly where the roof leak is located?
  • Can the roof leak be fixed with only minor repairs?
  • Has the roof leaked for quite some time, and is the damage extensive?

Roofing Contractors Layton

Only an effective inspection and analysis from a roofing expert can help you answer the questions above.
We will come and assess the state of your roof, with a clear way to find the right solution.
We will provide you with documentation of what we found, and why you do or do not need a new roof.
In many of our estimates, simple repairs are all that is called for.
If a full replacement is needed, we will explain why it's necessary, and how the process and work will be done.
In most instances, we install full roof replacement in just a few days.

All Roof Installations:

  • Asphalt Shingles
  • Flat Roofs
  • Wood Shake Roofs
  • Single ply membrane roofs
  • Commercial roofs
  • Most membrane roofs: TPO, PVC, EPDM.

Our Roofing Process

A moderately-sized, professionally-installed roofing job might take only 3 or 4 days.

  • We remove all existing roofing material (shingles, slate, shakes, or tiles, etc.) and remove them from your property in roll away containers.
  • Based upon roof inspection, we make minor repairs on your roof, if needed. We replace bad wood with plywood or other roof decking, whichever applies to your roof.
  • We install ice dam protection.
  • We lay down asphalt paper.
  • We install the specific roofing material.
  • We install flashing around the areas where leaks might come into the house.
  • We install vents where needed.

We Use Trusted Roofing Brand Products:

  • CertainTeed
  • Tamko
  • EverGuard TPO
  • Flintastic
  • GAF

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